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Are you frustrated with your health? Are you tired of all the medication and side effects negatively impacting your life? Are you young at heart trapped inside a pain ridden body?

Get out of the rut! Become a peaceful warrior for your own health! Learn how to balance traditional healthcare with alternative treatments and map your journey to total health.

Alternative Therapy is Bradenton, Florida’s foremost wellness center for safe and nurturing healing. Eliminate pain; chronic pain from muscles, joints, injuries, arthritis, joint replacement, back pain, emotional trauma, migraines, cancer and side effects of treatment are a few of the issues we address.

Working in tandem with your doctor, our professional therapists offer a variety of treatment options, placing you in control toward your goal of complete health.

The practitioners of Alternative Therapy pledge to address and diminish symptoms, increase energy and strengthen the spirit in each and every patient; whatever the ailment. We practice honesty… If we are unable to improve your condition, it is our policy to refer you to a provider we believe can.

Every cell in your body is programmed for healing?

Poor body mechanics, unconscious habitual movement patterns, negative thought patterns and self-limiting beliefs can inhibit the cellular programming that HEALS YOUR BODY!


The therapists of Alternative Therapy provide education and natural remedies that can transform your body. We have so many varieties of natural, drug free methods of stimulating cellular healing; you will have to like at least one of them!

Alternative Therapy, 5801 Braden Run, Bradenton, FL 34202, PH: 941-727-1500, Fax: 941-727-1509;