The entire staff at Alternative Therapy is exceptional.They are very nice and personally come out to introduce themselves..They even offer you a drink . Dr.Polwaski is very thorough and spent over a hour and 1/2 with me .She is exceptional. Leanne ,the Assistant Physical Therapist is very personable and very good with her hands . The Office is pretty and welcoming.They have some of the prettiest orchids that I ever seen .I highly recommend Aternative Therapy

Beverly Ervin, Lakewood Ranch
I have never been in such a beautiful office.It is relaxing and decorated beautiful.Shortly after being there I was offered something to drink from one of the staff members .The Dr. Came out to personally greet me. The Dr is a sweet lady .She’s extremely interested in getting me better .I have a new family Dr.,Dr.Polaski is a wonderful Dr.She spent over a hour with me and was completely thourgh. I go to Physical Therapy twice a week and it’s great because it’s in the same office and the Physical Therapist knows what she’s doing

Beverly Ervin, Bradenton,Florida
My daughter took me to see Dr. Pulaski.I am a 85 year old woman.The staff greeted us the minute we walked in.They also offered us something to drink ……… very hospitable.The Dr saw me right on time .Not only was she pleasant and nice but very thorough..She spent nearly a hour and 1/2 with me.I highly recommend Dr.Pulawski and her wonderful Staff .

Beverly Ervin , Lakewood Ranch
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